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Create Your Own Work Flow!

With our easy to use graphical tool you can
create, modify and deploy your own
work flow in minutes!

Opens a screen of a windows application and exchanges information with it
Opens a web page and exchanges information with it
Initiates printing of a document using predefined templates and runtime data from the flow
Displays information or instructions for the clerk
Opens a word document and passes information to it
Opens an excel document and passes information to it
Opens a terminal screen and exchanges information with it


Floware business flow tool

Many IT departments face the challenge of having a diversity of back end applications and platforms whilst wanting to create a consistent Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with a common look and feel front end.

Floware is a graphical tool that represents business processes. Floware is a tool that links environments with a common tool bar. The tool will launch and interact with the various underlying applications as well as pass data between them and record auditable events. It also provides help to the end users via the tool bar and dialogue boxes.

It maps a business process into logical steps and visualizes this to the end user.

Processes can be nested and transferred to other tellers or departments. The flows can generate print outs and add and fill in custom forms.

The key benefits the environment provides are:
  • Easy to learn for the teller and consistent in approach
  • Maintain legacy systems when it makes sense
  • Avoid re-keying in of data into multiple systems
  • Avoid multiple client and teller identification steps for a single transaction
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Enforces the rules and policies of the organisation’s operation
  • Provides on line help and supervisory functions and processes can be transferred between operators
  • Logs activity and creates a single audit trail
  • Measure the timelines of the individual process steps to assist continuous process improvement processes.
  • Can run a single transaction across multiple platforms
  • Facilitates an easier correspondence between business processes and IT implementation.

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