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With our easy to use graphical tool you can
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mobile application in minutes!

Receive SMS as Command and parameters from the MoneyGUARD SMS Engine
Initiate a transaction
Send a notification message or an answer to a Request using message templates and parameters
Send an e-mail
Create mobile optimized secure web pages and organize them into a business process

Mobile phones in Banking

As the number of mobile and smart phones have surged during the past few years, consumers more and more expect their financial institutions to use this channel effectively to communicate with them about their bank account and transactions.

At the same time debits and credit card fraud alone is estimated by Visa and MasterCard to exceed US$10 billion worldwide. As most consumers carry their mobile phone with them nearly all the time, it becomes an effective tool to provide both better customer service as well as combat fraud.

The use of the mobile device as a real time channel to provide alert information and other transactional information becomes a key part of the customer relationship. F12 Ltd is offering its MoneyGUARD solution in close integration with ACI’s Proactive Risk Manager and BASE24-eps. The system can also integrate with other host environments.

MoneyGuard is an interactive SMS messaging, alerting and mobile application platform that, although not restricted to this, has its prime application in banking.

Unlike many other SMS based systems it can be used for transactional push as well as pull services. The system supports the receipt of a query by SMS, or via a mobile browser interface, and can then connect with a range of host systems to obtain a response and send this back to the phone via SMS or browser interface.

It can obtain data feeds from a variety of host systems and initiate alert messages to users such as transaction notifications and process their responses.

MoneyGuard provides a Complete flexible flow driven Solution for SMS and mobile banking. The system provides high availability, high performance connectivity and includes billing modules as well as administrative tools




How MoneyGuard works to reduce card fraud

The reason bank card fraud tends to be so successful is because the cardholder is usually not immediately aware that his or her card was stolen, lost or copied, and is being fraudulently used. MoneyGUARD changes all that by taking advantage of a completely independent, real time communications channel – the cardholder’s mobile phone.

The effectiveness of the system is based on the fact that mobile phone networks exist globally and that each payment transaction is routed back to the card issuing host. So irrespective of the merchant and the merchant acquiring network, as soon as a transaction reaches the host a message can be automatically generated to the cardholder – in most cases whilst their receipt is being printed. Using MoneyGUARD technology, the cardholder is notified instantly, via a detailed text message, every time a transaction of any kind, (including ATM and internet transactions, debit or credit purchases through POS terminals, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO), takes place.

If the cardholder did not initiate, authorize or recognise the transaction they can simply block the card by responding to the message. The help desk can then contact the customer, knowing that a potentially fraudulent transaction was signalled, and assist with organising replacement cards, enhancing the customer experience.

The system runs separate from the main Authorising Host and does not impact either transaction flow or speed.


  • Real-Time, high speed, proven Transaction Engine
  • 7/24 fault tolerant architecture
  • BASE24, BASE24-eps and PRM integration
  • Flexible multi lingual message templates
  • Optimised, secure mobile WEB GUI
  • High performance SMS gateway
  • Detailed audit log
  • Easy integration with any back-end host
  • Runs on Windows Server environment with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Supports a range of interfaces for interactivity with transaction processors as well as core and internet banking systems
  • Contains reporting, monitoring and administration tools
  • Has built in billing engine to create fee income
  • Allows interactive blocking of cards via reply SMS
  • Graphical tools for modifying/extending functionality without programming

For example a card holder can
  • set their own parameters on when, how frequently, and for what type of transactions they wish to be notified,
  • request card account balance on demand or be sent at preset intervals,
  • view credit/debit entries against the card account,
  • get foreign exchange rates and up to date interest rates,
  • adjust spending limits on a card interactively
  • activate or temporarily block the card
MoneyGUARD Screen shots

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